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Our Process

Our Services

Muskegon Quality Painters is dedicated to serving our customers and the industry by sharing our expertise and experience about professional painting, from choosing the right product, to how it's applied and to what kind of performance they can expect.


   We can duplicate or create: Colors (in any coating), Sheens, Textures, Wood stains,
    Concrete stains, Toners, Faux finishes, Metal finishes. Colors that match any personality.

   Interiors and Exteriors
    Acrylic/latex paint, Enamels, Alkyd/Oil based paint, Sealers, Stains, VOC coatings

   Wood Finishing
    Wood stripping, Bleaching, Refurbishing, Toning

   Clear coats
    Lacquers, Conversion varnish




Epoxy, Elastomeric waterproof systems, Damp-proofing, Corrosion resistant coatings, High temperature coatings.

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